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BABY GI Baby Peachy Bow Bib

BABY GI Baby Peachy Bow Bib

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This peachy little bib will add a pop of color to mealtime and keep your little peach as clean as can be. Its soft, absorbent [material] blend gently catches dribbles and drips while the charming ruffled trim and bow add an extra dose of sweetness. Mealtime will be messy, but with this stylish bib catching crumbs and keeping stains at bay, your baby will be camera-ready when the food frenzy is done. No more post-meal outfit changes or emergency washes to get out stubborn stains. Simply wipe, unfasten, and move on to playtime. After all, there’s exploring to do and adventures to have. With this bib on hand, mealtime messes won’t slow your little one down.

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